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SEV Chiffon

Half spanish; half kiko

Goat , Kiko/Spanish , Doe (female) |White

AKGA# 18X170SEV01 | DOB: 12/10/2018 (5 yrs)

Sire: ROC Ozymandias

American Purebred Buck (Ozy)

ROC Ozymandias

Kiko Buck (male) White

AKGA# 13K020ROC18 Deceased
Ozymandias has been an outstanding sire for our ranch since the Fall of 2014. He has outstanding parasite resistance, which he passes on to his kids. He was dewormed when he arrived in 2014, but has not been dewormed since then, maintaining a Famacha of 1. We are located in east Central Texas where humidity and warm weather are fertile grounds for haemonchous contortus. Ozy kids tend to be lower birth weight (5.5 - 6# range), fast growing, and healthy. We have retained several of his daughte ...
  | AKGA# 13K020ROC18 | White
Dam: Khaki

Toughest goat, longest horns!


Spanish Sr. Doe (female) Paint

Khaki is one of our first goats, bought at the Navasota Auction with the intention of keeping them long enough to clear some brush. Well, she's still here! She survived a brutal attack by Great Danes early on, resulting in loss of muscle tissue in her hindquarters. She had twins in December 2018, and one of them, SEV Chiffon, was given to my daughter-in-law. SEV Pumpkin Poplar is also in our breeding herd. In 2022, Khaki was retired to live out her days with the other retired goats. ...
  | Paint

WMB Mingo Genetics (Trigger)

SFTX Big Iron

Kiko Buck (male) Cream

DOB: 11/6/20203 yrs
Sire: WMB Mingo Dam: MJI Dakota Birth Date: 11/6/20 Birth Weight: 7.7 lbs Litter Size: Twin Weaning Weight: 49.2 lbs @ 85 days Overall ADG: 0.49 Performance Index: 1.31 Trigger is out of a 2019 flush done between WMB Mingo x MJI Dakota with his recipient mother being LOO Aces Triple Seven (Goliad). He has a very easy going attitude and is very easy to work with. Trigger weaned at 49.2 pounds at 85 days old with an ADG of 0.49 pounds per day. We will be retaining both Trigger and ...
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Sire: ROC Ozymandias
Dam: Khaki (spanish doe)
Percentage: 50% Kiko
Litter Size: Twin
Birth Weight: 7.8 lbs
90 Day-Weaning Weight: 31.1 lbs

Chiffon is our superstar crossbred doe on the farm. Just like most Ozymandias offspring she has inherited his excellent parasite immunity and has never needed de-worming. She has frequently maintained excellent famacha scores ( never falling below a famacha 1) and body condition scores. To top it off this girl comes from goats that are tough as nails with her dam & sire both surviving brutal dog attacks.

Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
3/10/2019Other - Weaning
31.1 lbs 
3/2/2019Weight/Body Score
29.65 lbs 
ADG: 0.27
2/24/2019Weight/Body Score
27.25 lbs 
ADG: 0.26
2/3/2019Weight/Body Score
22.15 lbs 
ADG: 0.27
1/26/2019Weight/Body Score
18.4 lbs 
ADG: 0.23
1/20/2019Weight/Body Score
16.85 lbs 
ADG: 0.22

Updated 3/4/2024